About DigiTeRRI

Responsible Research an Innovation Approach for Transitioning the Traditional Industry Regions into Digitalised Industry Territories — DigiTeRRI Project

Is a Horizon 2020 research and innovation funded project by the European Commission with the collaboration of 12 European partners that aims to co-create a framework and roadmaps for a responsible transition of traditional industrial European regions into digitalised self-sustaining R&I ecosystems by using a Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) approach.

The project brings together partners and stakeholders from the three territories of Värmland in Sweden, Région Grand Est in France, and Styria in Austria for the cocreation of the framework, the road-mapping process and implementation of roadmap actions jointly with local and regional stakeholders.

The Responsible Research
and Innovation (RRI)

The RRI approach helps to ensure that the outcomes of the digitalization process, defined in the framework and roadmaps, align with societal values and needs to satisfy all stakeholders ecosystem. This involves not only taking economic and research considerations into account, but also addressing social and ecological challenges.

In the DigiTeRRI project, RRI issues gender equality, science education, open access, public Engagement, and ethics during the digitalization process, helping to support both organizations and citizens in adapting to the digital transformation that is revolutionizing research, industry, the economy, and society.

Project’s partners