Posters Session

DigiTeRRI H2020 project has developed a roadmap for each of the three territories (Värmland, Région Grand Est and Styria) in order to support digitalisation by applying the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) approach. This road-mapping process facilitates collective visioning, goals and objecives, and co-creates actions to transform into digitalized industry territories. In total, 36 actions, in each territory 12, are already implemented during the project duration. These actions cover the topics knowledge & skills, technology, networks & collaboration, infrastructure, culture & values, communication, and leadership, business & market. The actions are implemented in collaboration with the according stakeholders, the actors of the innovation ecosystem (science & research, education, industry & business, government & public administration, and civil society).

During the conference, a poster session will illustrate selected actions of the three regions and provide insights on e.g. how to encourage young girls and females to digital sectors, how to foster entrepreneurship in digitalisation, or how to organize networks on digital platforms.

The illustrated actions can offer practical information for regional transformation in other regions and offer insights into experiences gained during action development and implementation.

Styria’s posters

Innovation and Startups

Platform, Networking Cooperation and Knowledge

Gender equality

Science Education and Digitalisation

Grand Est’s posters

Encourage young girls to digital sector

Sharing best practices on information search tools

Company and academic mutualized training: increasing digital skills through innovative educational workshops

Digital event as part of Est’ival des Sciences Event

Värmland’s posters

Use the competence wheel

Mapping of solutions in use

Digital Data Stewardship Course

Digitalisation and S3