Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a one of the main cultural, political, and economic European capitals. It’s located in central Europe, making it the perfect place for European collaborations to meet and enjoy world-class culture and art while setting the basis for the future of Europe with regional impact initiatives in any sector.

Vienna is also home to our project coordinator AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH.

The MQ

Located in the area of the former imperial horse stables, it’s now one of the world’s largest and most relevant squares of contemporary art and culture. This area holds the Leopold Museum, the MUMOK and the KUNSTHALLE, additionally, more than 60 cultural institutions including programmes for artists-in-residence, art shops, restaurants, cafés, book shops, a kid’s museum, dance studios, and more. It also holds festivals, parties, concerts, and exhibitions in the outdoors seating plaza.

When walking in the Museums Quartier, highlights of the original architecture and history of this place are found all around, including restored horse stables and horseheads sculptures. It shares a combination of baroque buildings and modern architecture, which creates an urban atmosphere that merges the best of the old and the new culture of the city.

The MQ’s seating plaza

The modern outdoors furniture of the central plaza has become a trademark of the MQ square… and of Vienna’s city. For citizens and tourists, this plaza has turned to be one of the main spots for meeting and relaxing. People have the option to enjoy food and beverages from the restaurants in the plaza, or to bring their own, since it’s not prohibited.

The plaza’s furniture color changes year-by-year, giving a new look to this place every year and making it a completely new experience even for citizens.

Are you exited to visit this world-class cultural area with us?