Helene Vogelmann has been working with regional, national, and European innovation policy development as well as instruments and new methods in various leading positions at national and regional agencies such as Lund University, VINNOVA, Tillväxtverket, and Region Skåne. And Mobile Heights. The competencies specifically held by Helene are: To design, implement and evaluate cluster and innovation system activities and programmes in collaboration with industry, academia, and the public domains. New developments and instruments such as user-driven open innovation activities as well as addressing cross-sector innovation are at the core of Helene’s competence. A large network nationally and internationally contributes to the quality of Helene’s work.

Specialties: Clusters and innovation systems, process development, multistakeholder governance, Branding and communication, open innovation, process support, capacity building and learning, cluster management, strategic financing of innovation, and R&D.